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About Internal Complaint Committee (ICC):

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013 (commonly known as the POSH Act), applies to all workplaces in India, including universities. The Act mandates the establishment of an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in every workplace that employs ten or more individuals. This committee is responsible for addressing complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace, including universities.

Functions of the ICC:

The ICC’s primary role is to address complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace. This includes the following functions:

Receiving Complaints:

The ICC receives written complaints of sexual harassment from employees, students, or any other individuals associated with the university.

• Conducting Inquiries: Upon receiving a complaint, the ICC initiates a prompt and impartial inquiry to determine the veracity of the allegations.

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• Confidentiality: The ICC maintains strict confidentiality throughout the inquiry process to protect the identity of the complainant, witnesses, and the accused.

• Providing a Fair Hearing: The ICC provides an opportunity for the complainant and the accused to present their cases and provide evidence.

• Recommendations and Action: After completing the inquiry, the ICC provides its findings and recommendations to the university administration. These recommendations may include disciplinary action against the accused, changes in policies, awareness programs, or other appropriate measures.

• Follow-up: The ICC ensures that its recommendations are implemented effectively and monitors the situation to prevent any further harassment.

The Internal Complaint Committee of RLBCAU, Jhansi:

1. Dr. Aparpna Raj- Presiding Officer
2. Dr. Priyanka Sharma- Member
3. Dr. Gunjan Guleria- Member
4. Smt. BhawanaSharma- Member
5. Smt. Meena Srivastava- Member
6. Col. Shantanu Chowdhary- Member
7. Ms. Harshita Sahu- Member
8. Ms. Mitali Tiwari- Member
9. Ms. Shivani Sharma- Member

How to lodge a complaint of Sexual Harassment in ICC?

• Submit the Complaint: You may need to submit the complaint in person, or by email to any one of the committee members mentioned above from Sl. No. 1 to 5. Please mention you Full Name, Designation/Student ID/Staff ID, Department/Faculty and Contact Information.
• Confidentiality: If you’re concerned about your privacy, inquire about the confidentiality measures in place. The ICC will ensure the confidentiality of both the complainant and the accused throughout the process.

Contact us:

1. Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Assistant Professor (Floriculture), College of Horticulture and Forestry, RLBCAU, Jhansi Mob:+917018299661; email: priyankafls@gmail.com
2. Dr. Gunjan Guleria, Assistant Professor (Agronomy), College of Agriculture, RLBCAU, Jhansi Mob: 9418997703; email: gunjan.guleria915@gmail.com