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Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University

Practical Manuals for Forestry Course in Under Graduation

Semester I

Course Code Course Name View
FSA 102 Dendrology PDF
FNR 116 Introduction to Agronomy and Horticulture PDF
FNR 117 Geology & Soils PDF
FBS 141 Information and Communication Technology PDF
FBS 142 Communication Skills and Personality Development PDF
FBS 143 Plant Biochemistry PDF
FBS 144 Forest Botany PDF

Semester II

Course Code Course Name View
FBT 111 Plant Physiology PDF
FBT 112 Plant Cytology and Genetics PDF
FSA 103 Theory and Practice of Silviculture PDF
FPU 126 Wood Anatomy PDF
FWM 136 Wildlife Biology PDF
FNR 118 Forest Protection PDF
FBS 148 Statistical Methods & Experimental Designs PDF

Semester III

Course Code Course Name View
FNR 216 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management PDF
FNR 217 Forest Survey & Engineering PDF
FNR 218 Soil Biology & Fertility PDF
FNR 219 Forest Ecology & Biodiversity PDF
FBT 211 Tree Improvement PDF
FSA 201 Principles of Agroforestry PDF
FSA 202 Forest Mensuration PDF

Semester IV

Course Code Course Name View
FSA 203 Forest Management PDF
FSA 204 Silviculture of Indian Trees PDF
FPU 226 Wood Products & Utilization PDF
FPU 227 Ethnobotany, Medicinal and Aromatic plants PDF
FWM 236 Ornithology & Herpetology PDF
FBT 212 Seed Technology & Nursery Management PDF
FNR 220 Rangeland and Livestock Management PDF

Semester V

Course Code Course Name View
FSA 301 Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management
FNR 316 Climate Science PDF
FPU 326 Wood Science and Technology PDF
FPU 327 Logging and Ergonomics PDF
FBS 341 Forest Extension & Community Forestry PDF
FBS 342 Entrepreneurship Development & Business Management PDF
FBS 343 Forest Economics and Marketing PDF

Semester VI

Course Code Course Name View
FSA 303 Plantation Forestry PDF
FNR 319 Geomatics PDF
FNR 320 Recreation & Urban Forestry PDF
FNR 321 Restoration Ecology PDF
FPU 329 Non-Timber Forest Products PDF

Semester VIII

Course Code Course Name View
FNR 417 Forest Inventory and Yield Prediction PDF
FBT 412 Forest Biotechnology PDF
FSA 402 Agroforestry Systems and Management PDF
FWM 437 Wildlife Management PDF
FBS 442 Agricultural Informatics PDF

Note:There is no pratical course in Semester VII