RLBCAU Fee Structure for UG and PG Courses

Fee structure for undergraduate and Postgraduate students to be admitted from Academic Year 2020-21

Fee structure for Postgraduate students to be admitted from Academic Year 2019-20

Fee structure for undergraduate students to be admitted from Academic Year 2019-20

Revised fee structure for students to be admitted from academic year 2018-19

S.N. Particulars of fees B.Sc.(Hons.) Agri.
College Fee-Non-refundable/Semester
1. Registration fee Rs. 40.00
2 Admission fee Rs. 10.00
3. Tuition fee Rs. 240.00
4. Examination fee Rs. 50.00
5. Laboratory fee Rs. 100.00
6. Library Fee Rs. 40.00
7 Course Registration fee Rs. 10.00
8. Semester report fee Rs. 10.00
9. Students' Welfare Fund Rs. 80.00
10. Hostel admission fee Rs. 10.00
11. Hostel establishment fee Rs. 20.00

Hostel utensils, crockery etc.
Depreciation charges

Rs. 90.00
13. Hostel room rent Rs. 600.00
14. Water Charges Rs. 60.00
15. Electricity charges As per actual
  Total Rs. 1360.00

(To be paid only once for a course)

16. College caution money Rs. 200.00
17. Hostel caution money Rs. 500.00
18. Electricity Security Rs. 1000.00
19. Mess security Rs. 2000.00
  Total Rs. 3700.00


  • Students shall pay the mess charges separately as per the actual expenditure incurred.v
  • The fees as specified in this Ordinance shall be chargeable from the students admitted to B.Sc. (Agri.) Courses in 2014-15 academic session till further notification.