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Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University

SL NO. Title of the project Project Leader
1 Efficient resource management for higher crop productivity and soil health in diversified cropping system Dr. Yogeshwar Singh
2 Conventional and biotechnological approaches for increasing crop productivity and nutritional quality Dr. Anshuman Singh
3 Detection, identification and management of diseases and insect-pests of crops Dr. P.P. Jambhulkar
4 Technology transfer and impact assessment of improved technologies and livelihood security Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
5 Improving productivity of fruit crops through genetic enhancement and resource management Dr. Ranjit Pal
6 Improving productivity of vegetable crops though genetic enhancement and resource management Dr. Arjun Lal Ola
7 Floriculture and landscaping for higher income and aesthetic value Dr. Gaurav Sharma
8 Post-harvest processing and value-addition of agricultural and horticultural produce for enhanced income Dr.Ghan Shyam
9 Development of industrial agroforestry models and plantation technology for afforestation Dr. Manmohan Dobriyal
10 Collection of germplasm, evaluation, multiplication, and improvement of forest tree species Dr. Swati M. Shedage
11 Utilization of forest tree/ wood-based resources and NWFPs / MAPs by value-addition, processing Dr. A.S. Kale
12 Decision support system for different landscape environment and climate change Dr. Pavan Kumar

Externally-funded projects

SL NO. Title of the project Duration Budget (Rs. in lakhs) Funding agency Project team
1 Evaluation of linseed germplasm for major abiotic stresses (drought and salinity) under the DBT Network Project “Leveraging genetic resources for accelerated genetic improvement of linseed using comprehensive genomics and phenotyping approaches” 2020-2025 89.30 DBT, GoI PI:Dr. Vishnu Kumar
Dr. Rakesh Choudhary,
Dr. Artika Singh
2 Identification of abiotic stress (water logging and drought) tolerant sesame genotype under the DBT Network Project “Mainstreaming sesame germplasm for productivity enhancement and sustainability through genomics assisted core development and trait discovery” 2020-2025 52.94 DBT, GoI PI:Dr. Artika Singh
3 Wide hybridization and genetic enhancement under the DBT Network Project “Mainstreaming sesame germplasm for productivity enhancement and sustainability through genomics assisted core development and trait discovery” 2020-2025 39.92 DBT, GoI PI:Dr Rakesh Choudhary
4 Characterization of chickpea germplasm resource to accelerate genomics-assisted crop improvement 2020-2025 197.26 DBT, GoI PI:Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi
Dr. Anshuman Singh
Dr. Meenakshi Arya
5 Fusarium spp. associated with post flowering stalk rot of maize: ecology, genetic diversity, pathogenicity, pathogenic resistance assessment 2019-2022 49.00 DST-SERB PI:Dr. P. P. Jambhulkar
6 Promotion of value-added and herbal industry oriented cultivation of medicinal plants and their quality analysis for facilitating better industrial value for self-employment generation and sustainable development of farmers in Bundelkhand region 2018-2020 28.98 DST, GoI PI:Dr. Meenakshi Arya Co-PI: Dr. Anshuman Singh
7 AGGRI Alliance (One IRRI Breeding Network – DELS-1) 2021-2023 3.0 IRRI PI:Dr. Anshuman Singh
Dr. Rumana Khan
8 Capture of images for using AI Mobile App. for development and management of online disease and pests image database on various crops (NAHEP-II component) 2020-2022 17.50 ICAR-NAHEP PI:Dr. Shubha Trivedi
Dr. Tanuj Mishra
9 Establishment of Hi-tech nursery for quality transplants production of vegetables, flowers and MAPs in Bundelkhand region 2021 80.00 RKVY-UP PI:Dr. Arjun Ola
10 Establishment of Hi-tech nursery for production of quality planting material of agroforestry and plantation trees in Bundelkhnad region of Uttar Pradesh 2021 33.10 RKVY-UP PI:Dr. Prabhat Tiwari
11 Protected cultivation of high-value cut flowers of Bundelkhand region 2021 64.85 RKVY-UP PI:Dr. Priyanka Sharma
12 Promotion of bee keeping for additional income and self-employment of rural youth in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh 2021 259.05 RKVY-UP PI:Dr. Usha
13 Establishment of plant health clinic for Bundelkhand regionof Uttar Pradesh 2020-21 253.65 RKVY-UP PI:Dr. P.P. Jambhulkar
14 Promotion of low-cost mushroom production technology in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh 2020-21 207.75 RKVY-UP PI:Dr. Shubha Trived
15 Strengthening teaching- learning ambience for excellence in academics, research and extension 2019-2022 497.45 NAHEP-ICAR PI:Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi
16 ELP on seed production, processing and marketing 2018-2020 64.12 ICAR, New Delhi PI:Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi
17 ELP on production of quality transplants and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants 2018-2020 61.75 ICAR, New Delhi PI:Dr. A.K. Pandey
18 Promoting groundnut cultivation in District Datia (MP) though farmers belonging to Schedule Caste 2020- 2021 39.40 ICAR-DGR, Junagarh PI:Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi,
Dr. S.S. Singh
19 Sustainable and diversified agri-food systems for improving resource-use efficiency and farm incomes in Bundelkhand, India 2021-2022 4.0 CIMMYT PI:Dr. S.S. Singh
20 Enhancing rapeseed-mustard production among scheduled caste farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh for sustainable livelihood security under the scheduled caste Sub-Plan (SCSP) 2021-22 – 2023-24 75.0 DRMR, Bharatpur PI:Dr. S.S. Singh