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Research-cum-seed production farms

University has three research farms for undertaking research and seed production. Of the total area of 114.5 ha at the Jhansi campus, the research farm has been developed on nearly 100 ha after clearing of unwanted vegetation and removing stones. The entire farm is fenced and demarcated into 9 blocks, and the fields of size 0.5-1.0 ha have been bunded with suitable provision for drainage. More than 50% of the farm area is laser-levelled and brought under irrigation through underground pipelining. Ten ponds covering an area of 10 ha have been developed for harvesting rainwater for irrigation and fish production. Most of the farm roads are either cemented for bitumen layers. The soil type is either red or back, and the texture varies from very light to heavy clay.

At Datia campus, of the total area of 64.6 ha, research farm covers about 30 ha in 5 segments. The farm area is divided into 7 blocks, fenced with barbed wire and fields of size 0.5-1.0 ha have been prepared. Two ponds of size 0.5 ha each have been developed for storing rainwater for irrigation. The soil type is light to medium-textured, and used for growing millets and low-water-requiring crops.

An area of about 15 ha has been acquired at Niwadi in Madhya Pradesh for the establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. The farm area has also been fenced with barbed wire and utilized for seed production.