All India Coordinated Research Projects

Under the aegis of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), All India Coordinated Research Projects (AICRPs) on two important crops i.e. Chickpea and Rapeseed-Mustard have been launched to develop high-yielding varieties and matching protection and production technologies. Besides, voluntary centres of a few AICRPs are also established at the University.

S.No Project title Year of start Project Team
Regular centre:
1 AICRP on Chickpea 2016 Dr. Meenakshi Arya, Dr. Anshuman Singh
2 AICRP on Rapeseed-Mustard 2018 Dr. Rakesh Choudhary, Dr. Artika Singh and Dr. Shubha Trivedi
Voluntary centre:
1 AICRP on Pearlmillet 2020 Dr. Rumana Khan
2 AICRP on Maize 2019 Dr. M.K. Singh / Dr. Neelam Bisen
3 AICRP on Sesame 2019 Dr. Shubha Trivedi
4 AICRP on Groundnut 2019 Dr. Rakesh Choudhary
5 AICRP on Wheat and Barley 2019 Dr. Anshuman Singh
6 AICRP on MULLARP 2019 Dr. Anshuman Singh